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Discuss the aspects of Quality Sleep

When it comes to improving our sleep quality, activity leading up to the bedtime and the quality of our bedding accessories like comforters, bed sheets, pillows, mattresses, the type of food that we take and the hours of our day time work are the most frequently discussed aspects.

Make the bed comfortable

The feel of our bedding items and night dresses affect the affability of our sleep. Our bed should be comfortable and supportive, so that we wake up feeling relaxed and fresh.

Select bedding in natural fibers and choose a comforter, blanket or quilt, which keeps you warm enough based on the climate and thermostat settings — and without overheating. When it comes to the bed sheets, pure cotton sheets are the most durable and comfortable option. And Down Comforters are the best choice regarding to light weight and can be selected in a variety of warmth levels, to keep you comfortable.

Take some gentle exercises

Through the detailed studies, I realize that regular exercise surely pays off in better sleep — take some simple and gentle steps of yoga, but make sure it should be continuous or you can go for meditation for mind relaxation, it will also work well for better sleep. And pay attention to the stress levels throughout the day.. It is hard to reduce at night when our mind is revved up with anger, anxiety or worries before the sun goes down.

Pay attention to the temperature

Now, we come to another biggest aspect of better sleep that is temperature–  it plays a big role to make our sleep pleasant. The fabrics on our bed and the comforter’s material deal with the heat. If you prefer the foam comforter then you have to know that these such types of materials trap the heat and due to that it is more difficult to sleep with these comforter in the warmer months. And for night dress, you should go for breathable cotton fabric, so that you don’t overheat. Here newer fabrics are available that also have the great ability to wick away the moisture—and especially helpful if you sweat during the sleep.

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Have you found these tips helpful?? If yes… then leave a comment in the comment box below.

The Factors That Influence Our Health

What is good health?


Our health is a state of complete mental, physical, and the social wellbeing and not merely the absence of infirmity or disease. Illness and health mean different things to different people and also can vary between the cultures and over time.

Healthy Living

Living healthy and happy is the keystone of achieving and maintaining the health and also preventing chronic disease. It includes making healthy choices with respect to the diet, water quantity, exercise, sleep and the other lifestyle factors. There are a number of aspects that are essential for our good health and that when addressed will improve our overall level of well being. The importance of each one of them depends on our unique constitution and our current level of health.

The Factors That Influence Our Health-


Our lifestyle represents the human factor in the health and disease. It is those important elements that provide the ‘fuel’ and nutrients to sustain life, to function and to move. This factors influences all stages of our life and health that include: water, food and eating regimen, breathing, rest and sleep, posture, exercise and the movement, positive mental health and proper clothing.


This factor looks at the quality of water, air and the soil in our surroundings. It looks at time that we spend in nature, how you are impacted by the different seasons and where you live. It also examines our exposure to chemicals, heavy metals, pollutants and the other environmental toxins and pathogens.


The Social factors relate to the interaction and relationships that we have with our family, friends, relatives and neighbors. It relates to our present and past family dynamics, community structure, work environment, and support networks. A good social behavior brings a positive mental health, happiness and inner peace that help us to achieve a good health.

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Take care of our self is the most essential thing to match up with today’s assiduous lifestyle. So, enjoy a healthy living by keeping these above health influence factors in mind.

How to Bring Happiness In Life

Our happiness is not something ready made… it comes through our own actions. We are a driver of our own life, and as we journey through, we have choices about which way to take. And the people we pick up along the path can influence our life, but we still remain in control.

These some ideas may help you to start creating more joy in life


Feel the thoughts that make you feel good.

In the life, sometimes it can feel that your thoughts are thinking you and that you have no control over them. How many of the 50,000 thoughts we have each day are critical, anxious, defensive, and  frustrated??

Most of your everyday thinking is driven from your unconscious mind, that is far greater than conscious mind. This’s why it may feel a not possible task to bridle your thoughts in. But with the most things, little practice can go a long way.

Go for the thoughts, which make you feel good and practice of holding on to them.

Clean your belief system.

You are the powerful creators of your own reality, but so many people don’t realize their own true potential. We all are equal; nobody is more special than others. But the only difference is– some people who have learned to gleam a beam on what they actually want in life and have the belief to make that happen.

When we believe it, we feel it right through to our very core. Many people believe that they have to live with cards they have been dealt, this life is tough, or if we want something we have to fight for that.

Get into gratitude.

We should be grateful for what we have in our life now. Every day, take a few moments to really savor that what makes you happy and then give thanks for that. It could be enjoying a cake in a cafe while watching the world go by, waking up in a warm bed, simply being healthy or walking with your dog in the fresh air.

When we create feelings of gratitude, we change the feeling in our heart. Just think that what effect having a heart bursting with the gratitude can have on our body and our mind!!!

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But all above, remember that no matter that what is happening to us, the only thing that actually matters that at the end of it all is that our lives were filled with the happiness.