Business Acquisition Advice: You Need M&A Consulting Services

Business Acquisition Advice: You Need M&A Consulting Services

When a SME’s owners look to sell, there are several questions which need to be answered, not only to the vendor’s satisfaction long before the sales process is set in action, but eventually, to the purchaser’s.

For example:

  • Why is a business on the market?
  • Is the sale justified?
  • Who is your target buyer?
  • Are you the purchaser?
  • Have you got a proven record owning and managing a business?
  • When is a good time to sell?
  • What makes a good proposition?
  • Have you spoken to an acquisitions specialist?
  • Is your financial management at optimum levels?
  • Is it day to day financial management which is proving difficult? Businesses with a turnover of £10 million are still highly likely to experience financial management concerns.

Excellent financial management is vital

Could poor financial management at either end of the transaction be a negative factor for both parties? Yes. Arguably, the most worrying cases of this are when the buyer has lacklustre financial management skills and makes their purchase only to drive the SME in to the ground.

They could have avoided this if they had recognised the weakness, contacted a M&A consulting firm or advisor and educated themselves effectively about day to day business and financial management. Sadly, acquisitions specialists have seen many occasions when someone has not sought their advice and paid a heavy price for ineffective management.

M&A consulting can open alternative avenues

Acquisition consulting specialists can advise you on the best courses of action, seek answers and in some instances, they can help rectify issues which makes selling a business unnecessary, perfect for business leaders who don’t actually want to sell. A business consultant could be more appropriate than acquisition consulting.

Seek A Top-Rated M&A Consulting Specialist

Tim Luscombe works with Thames Valley Business Advisors. He helps firms to sell and purchase and he offers a consultancy service that draws on his extensive experience.

He has been in mergers and acquisitions since the 1980’s, he’s a walking encyclopaedia on the subject, and is happy to assist SME’s and small business brokers through processes he has grown familiar with across several business sectors including the oil industry, engineering and manufacture.

He is a leading expert on post-acquisition integration and inquisitive IT. He is also a business owner.

He understands what you need, why you are doing what you are doing and how to maximise potential and sell or purchase the right business in the best way.

You wouldn’t dream of purchasing a house without taking advice and ensuring that all the proverbial boxes were ticked, that a deal was rewarding, binding and mutually agreeable.

Why then, do business leaders sometimes neglect a larger purchase or sale, that of a business, to cut corners or save expenditure? The surest way to risk the health of a business is to ignore the services and advice of acquisitions specialists.

M&A consulting offers the perfect solution for you, whether you are the vendor or purchaser of an SME.  Contact a specialist today.