How to Get the Most SERP Clicks Without Ranking at the Top of the Page

How to Get the Most SERP Clicks Without Ranking at the Top of the Page

SERP Clicks and Content

The Search Engine Results Page can be termed as the page displayed in web searches as requested by the researcher searching for the piece of information. It may depend on a keyword, ranking, and content strength.

Now, it’s however not mandatory that pages ranking at the top may get maximum clicks, it all depends on searcher that which link and information he wants to take reference from.

The world is competitive, so for a single search, you get many results displayed to take reference from. The question arises that what attributes a search result would be click-worthy? In simple words, one can say that the pages displayed at the top can attract maximum clicks.

This can be somewhat true but maximum clicks do not majorly depend on ranking. Let’s discuss some points of considerations that get maximum SERP clicks irrespective of ranking of the page.

  • Most relevant Content

This is the major part that can affect the SERPs clicks regardless of ranking. The maximum use of keywords and an easy and understandable language for searcher helps the acknowledgment of content. So optimising the content can result in most clicks and more website traffic to your site.

Optimisation can be performed when the content is exciting throughout. This means that content can be written in a storytelling way to keep the searcher’s interest intact. It can be an interesting piece of information that makes the searcher satisfied with the information but curious about many other details mentioned in content.

So this satisfied yet curious combination can provide with more clicks irrespective of ranking. The content can be informative filled with keywords at proper places and the relevancy as per searcher’s requirements may lead to maximum clicks which as a result can improve the ranking.

2) Presentation and Appearance

The presentation also is an integral part of anything that has been posted on the website. When the content is informative enough to clear the doubts and queries of visitors but it does not contain any kind of presentations then that could be termed as monotonous and the client may tend to lose interest from it.

Not only the post should be informative but it should also contain some pictures and short videos to explain the provided information better as human brains have a great impact of videos and visuals as compared with only written text.

For instance, when we go to the supermarket to buy a shirt we catch an eye to the one which is beautifully presented as compared to the one which is only presented for the sake of the sale.Hence, presentation matters more rather than ranking for earning maximum clicks.

3)  Attractive Title

Have heard the slang “it’s all in the Name”, can be considered here. Sometimes, when the name of the article is interesting, it makes humans curious and as a result, they try to read the contents in it. So, the “name” of the article can also lead to maximum clicks with an interested bunch of human minds.

4)  Updating the Titles

This can be done by updating the titles as per requirements such as update as per holidays, or festivals and many such ways. Updating titles as per specific days also make searchers interested and curious and may click for further information. For instance, gift ideas for him/her on the Christmas Eve, home decor on the occasion of Diwali etc. at a low price and many such titles. This has to be updated on specific occasions.

5) Agenda of Unique Selling

If the target audience and market, responds to any particular quality of our products or services, then we can modify it for attracting more traffic and clicks.

We can make it as our unique selling propagation. This can also help in differentiating from our competitors and can attract more clicks.

This helps in differentiating from the rest and also marks high competitive level by promoting its USP.

6) Addition of published Dates

Adding the publishing dates of the article gives the knowledge about the age of the content that when it was updated or published. As the demand of searchers would be fresh and unique content, keeping their demand for considerations content can be created and dates can be published. This ensures the maximum click that can be possible irrespective of ranking over search engine pages.

This can also be done in another way. We can republish older content with a new date if we wish that content to be shown up in updated searches. This can be done by changing dates and any necessary content if required.  This may lead the link to appear in the latest and updated version.

7) Addition of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Cell phones and mobile phones have now been an integral part of every individuals’ life. So, maximum searches nowadays are done by mobiles itself. So, the addition of mobile-friendly pages allows the maximum click via mobiles. As the addition of mobile-friendly pages appear on top and also loads faster.

So, above-mentioned points clearly tell you that page ranking does not affect the search engine result pages.