Montreal SEO Expert: Teaching Affiliate Marketing

Montreal SEO Expert: Teaching Affiliate Marketing

The Montreal SEO Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu is teaching at a local college to pass on his knowledge about SEO expertise and online reputation management. Why? To prevent students from having poor online reputations. Not only is the Montreal SEO Expert educating young adults about the effects of what they post on the Internet, he is teaching students about SEO tactics that everyone can do to optimize their own names in search engine result pages (SERP).

To elaborate on the content in his classes, the Montreal SEO Expert is also focusing on other aspects of Internet marketing such as social media, SEO and search engine marketing, landing page optimization, and even affiliate marketing. Some of the basic concepts that he covers are concepts that all business professionals and Internet users should know about. This will not only help them understand SEO strategies better but understand that effects of their daily online surfing. The concepts that he covers includes:

  1. Affiliate Network: The affiliate network was made when marketers and affiliates started conning each other out of money, time, and effort. It is a party that regulates the clicks and payments between merchants and affiliates. Affiliates can join for free because they have the connections whereas companies have to pay to join. If there is deal made on commission, the affiliate is given an ID tracking code to put in their HTML to track consumers that come to their sites using affiliate banners.
  2. Cookie stuffing – One of the many cons that affiliates will do to con companies out of money is to stuff web surfer’s browsers and their regulars with the company’s website links. This way, the user cannot tell yet the cookie tells the company that although it was never visited, they have to pay up!

There are many more concepts that the Montreal SEO Expert can cover given Tumurcuoglu’s 20 plus years in the web search industry. For tips and tricks and other information about SEO, contact Tumurcuoglu using the link provided above.