Preventing Van Accidents Caused By Unexpected Animal Crossing in Highways

Preventing Van Accidents Caused By Unexpected Animal Crossing in Highways

Florida is a place where man and nature meet. Swamps often become makeshift golf courses, and swimming pools welcoming both humans and animals. Florida’s Beaches also make the perfect destinations for students who want to enjoy the warm and sandy adventures Florida has to offer.

Sometimes, students and other people have too much fun and forget to be wary of accidents that may happen. Whether arriving or leaving a tourist spot, accidents don’t choose a particular time. Since a lot of students frequent the Florida waters by groups, they use large vehicles such as vans. As an unfortunate result, van accident cases happen more often than car crashes.

These accidents stem from unusual causes like animals suddenly crossing roads. As such, people should be aware of the fact that interactions with animals and humans can happen on a daily basis. Here are two unusual accidents caused by animals that can happen to students and party goers in Florida.


The standard mode of transport used by large groups is often vans. Being driven by some young and outgoing adults, they often speed up more than the state law requires. Florida is known as a sanctuary for wildlife, yet vans often hit a lot of crossing animals such as turtles, snakes, and alligators. On rare occasions, the Florida Panther can also become a victim of these mishaps.


Students tend to be so adventurous that they go right in where the fun is. Swamps and clear waters often become the favorite places for loud people to have a good time. Unruly activities often disturb animals that tend to lurk in hidden places. These animals often include insects, snakes, alligators, and the most famous of them all, the alligator snapping turtle. These turtles have been known to entirely cut off fingers because of the tremendous bite force they possess.


Accidents and fun typically don’t mix well together. Students who go for parties and activities in the Florida waters end up being victims to animals living there. The fact that animals and humans cross paths on a daily basis in Florida should remind people to have respect for the wildlife living there.