When customers get angry and 5 ways to keep your customers happy

When customers get angry and 5 ways to keep your customers happy

At the end of the day, if your business isn’t pleasing your clients, you’re not going to be driving a lot of sales. Whether it be your customer service, your product you sell or you’re pricing, you need to make sure that your customers are happy. So if you want to know why keeping your clients happy is so crucial to driving sales and if you want to know methods of keeping them satisfied, read on! You will soon see why making your clients happy will keep you happy as well…

When customers get irate on social media…

It’s never a good feeling when a client gets angry with your company as this can lead to a multitude of bad outcomes. The most common of which is when rowdy clients start to complain and insult the company over various social media channels. Knowing that other customers and prospects can see these negative words which may put them off from using your services or buying your produce in the future. Especially if the complaint is something about customer service or the quality of the product.

It is quite imperative that you deal with clients like this quickly and efficiently. The quicker you act the less angry the client will be and the less time people will see your company in a negative light before your response. When writing your response you want to write in full and proper English to show you are treating this issue with the utmost care and dedication. Giving your name also is likely to calm the client down as they have someone’s attention and know they are dealing with a person. Offering a way to fix the issue is another way to retain face and keep the high quality impression you have.

Negative reviews

Customers may also feel the need to write poor reviews of your service or products. This can be very damaging as prospect like to see the general opinion of your brand and if they see negative review it will affect their likeliness to purchase from you. People often trust reviews as much as they trust the recommendation from a friend so seeing that may cast doubt. They may have been 100% sold on the product until looking at feedback.

Most people believe that nothing can be done about negative reviews but there are actions that can be taken to soften the blow of them. If you are using an independent review site to gather reviews, you have the ability to respond and have your voice heard as a lot of negative reviews usually leave out important information that makes you look better. You can respond, admit if a mistake was made on your end (this makes you look honest and truthful), correct inaccurate points and show off your strengths. This would reduce the damage made by the review.

How to keep your clients happy throughout

You don’t want the things above affecting your business and reducing sales so keeping them happy throughout working with them and after you have supplied them their goods is very important. Here are many ways that you can do this:

    1. Creating an image of looking like the lead in your field makes customers happy as they believe they are talking to true experts who know what they are doing and will handle everything perfectly. You can do that by always knowing the answers to customer’s queries and saying you know the entire industry not just your business.
    2. Be transparent and don’t over-promise. Customers want to know everything that is going on with their job so tell them. Also if anything goes wrong on your end, tell them and let them know how it is going to be fixed. They will appreciate the effort made by you to fix the issue. Don’t over promise is pretty basic. Don’t say you can achieve anything you are not sure of and be clear if you are saying that something may be possible and not definitely going to happen. Disappointing your customers can lead to them having a negative experience.
    3. Responding as quick as possible is a great way to keep people happy as showing you are attentive and keen means they will trust the brand more. Plus not keeping them waiting for information helps with keeping them informed and just elevates the opinion of your brand.
    4. Having friendly phone conversations with a personal touch also increases their opinion of your brand as it shows you are friendly and want to work with them. Being valued is a great self-esteem boost. This extends to after the order is complete as well as ringing them up, asking how they are doing, having a polite conversation and then asking whether they need anything else would grow the retention rate of sales.
    5. Promotional Products are one of the most tried and true ways of having clients return for more. Sending out a branded item to you clients with your logo emblazoned onto it creates a very positive impression of your brand while also being an advert. For example, sending one of your clients a promotional mug would work as a great gift as they will love the gift and the usefulness of the product while also working as marketing and making it more likely for them to purchase again.

Happy customers make businesses. There is no getting around that so I hope this article has helped show the importance of this and has maybe given you some ideas on how to keep clients pleased with your brand.

My name is Wesley Tatterton and I am the Digital Marketer and Web Developer for the company Promo Parrot. I handle a lot of the website maintenance for the company as well as promoting the site across the web. I use various methods to do this like posting to social media and writing blog posts like this one! Hope you’ve enjoyed…